Saturday, July 07, 2007


A Cheaper brand for around $1.75?

Well I found out that there is even a cheaper brand of cigarettes than "Maverick". This brand is called "Hummer" and of course I have never heard of this type of cigarette before. But as I groveled with the sales clerk asking about what cheaper brands of cigarettes they had that's when they showed me this brand.

Well the price was so cheap I wondered what was wrong with it but I was desparate for cigarettes so I bought the pack - actually I bought 2 because they were so much cheaper. Well after I got out of the store I opened up the pack. Well 20 in the pack just like the regular brands - that was a good sign! This cigarette brand was a darker brown but it still smoked like a regular cigarette althogh it did seem to have a duskier taste and smell to it.

Hey beggars can't be choosers right!

But I will keep this brand in mind the next time I don't have enough money for my regular brand of cigarettes - which are Kools.

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